2021 Virtual Old Songs Festival Schedule

We’re still filling in the individual workshop details, but the overall schedule is here!

Zoom Breakout Rooms are named after buildings from the in-person Old Songs Festival. Daytime events in the 1890 Building will be simulcast on Folk Music Notebook.

The Main Stage Concerts will take place in the Main Zoom room will be simulcast on Folk Music Notebook, and the Old Songs YouTube channel

Prefer a Printed Schedule? Download the Virtual Old Songs Schedule PDF and print it out!

Many of this weekend’s artists are part of Old Songs’ Generations Project – music and dance passed down through the generations in families and/or communities. Music and dance that twists and turns as it travels through the years from person to person and community to community with cultural influences and change. Music and dance that is alive and thriving.

Join us in the Artisan Way zoom breakout room. Meet with the Artisans.

12:30 pm EDT
Deirdre Bialo Padin
Based in Brooklyn, Bialo Padin Designs designs and makes hand fabricated jewelry, accessories and tools.

1:00 pm EDT
Ann Aumick
Tie-dyed linen garments, bags and home decor

1:30 pm EDT
Mara’s Creations
Mara Levine
Jewelry, vintage clothing           

2:00 pm EDT
Ann’s Pottery
Ann Schunior
Functional Stoneware

2:30 pm EDT
Carbony™ Celtic Winds

Rob Gandara

Sunday, June 27 — Daytime

1890 Building

Great Gambian Griots
11:30 am EDT

John Roberts
12:00 pm EDT

Andy Cohen
12:35 pm EDT

Matthew Byrne
1:30 pm EDT

Hubby Jenkins
3:15 pm EDT
Cattle Building
Dance Building
Sheep Barn
Dutch Barn

Sunday Afternoon Concert
Main Stage at 4:15 pm EDT

Lost & Found with Roger the Jester • The Great Groove Band • The Vox Hunters • Sam Gleaves & Deborah Payne • Sally Rogers & Howie Bursen • the Byrne Family • Cedar Stanistreet & Donal Sheets • Bethany Yarrow • the Amidons • and Jim Lloyd with Hunter Wilson & Sophia Pucket


Earlier in the Festival

Friday, June 25 — Daytime

Cattle Building
Sheep Barn
Dutch Barn

Friday Evening Concert
Main Stage at 6:30 pm EDT

with Joseph Bruchac • Ustad Shafaat Khan • Andy Cohen • John Roberts • John Kirk & Trish Miller • Hubby Jenkins • Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen • Guy Davis • Joe Jencks • and Heard

After Concert Open Sing in the Dutch Barn, hosted by Cate Clifford

Saturday, June 26 — Daytime

1890 Building
Cattle Building
Dance Building
Sheep Barn
Dutch Barn

Mist Covered Mountains
11:35 am EDT

George Wilson
1:00 pm EDT

Bethany Yarrow
2:05 pm EDT

2:40 pm EDT

3:15 pm EDT

3:50 pm EDT

Open Mic
5:00 pm EDT

Saturday Evening Concert
Main Stage 6:30 pm EDT

with Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers • Jamcrackers • Bing Futch • Magpie • Reggie Harris • Sheila Kay Adams with Melanie Rice Penland & Donna Ray Norton • Windborne • Scott Ainslie • and Dennis Stroughmatt et L’Esprit Creole

After Concert Pub Sing at the Main Stage, hosted by Amanda Witman