Artisan Way

Ann’s Pottery
Ann Schunior
Functional stoneware

Thomas Mond
Ethically sourced printed cotton clothing and silver jewelry

Bee Busy Brooms
Warren Ainslie
Handcrafted brooms

Bohemian Splendor
Diana Trifoso
Tie-dye & printed graphic art t-shirts, hone-sewn clothing, handcrafted jewelry

Cat Seyler Designs
Cathleen Seyler
Whimsical art, fashion & accessories. Paintings on sheet music, wallpaper, canvas art, upcycled clothing & handbags. Reverse tie dye flannels for men & women.

Cigar Box Ukes
Alan Mapes
Open: Fri–Sun, 1–5 pm, Build Ukes: Fri & Sat, 3–5 pm, Sun: 10 am–noon
Make your own Cigar Box Ukulele for $60

Jubo Music
Wayne Hankin
JUBO flute: a 4-hole wind instrument that is easy to play; 4 finger holes producing 11 notes. Demonstrations and teaching

Mae’s Dinnerwear
Mae Ramatowski|
Jewelry from repurposed vintage silverware or serving trays

Mayan Hands
Anne Kelly
Mayan produced textiles and baskets

Planet Love
Tanya Zabinski & Joe DiPasquale
Original, hand silk-screen prints on 100% cotton clothing using eco-friendly inks

Tibetan Gift Shop
Thabsheh Gyamtso
Handmade singing bowls, clothing, bags, scarves, keychains, tapestries, wall hangings and more

True Blue Collections
Shengzhu Bernardin
Natural indigo-dyed purses, handbags, tablecloths, clothes

USA Creations
Eileen Russell
American Bow Knife, Chopper, Chopping Bowls, Charcuterie Boards, Turntables, Boards, and Grinders. Demonstrations.

Wildflower Beads
Sue Lecuyer
Handmade beadwork jewelry, and beads and jewelry supplies for make your own jewelry.