Free the Reeds!

1890 Building

with Alex Cumming, Dan Houghton of Cantrip, Fiachra O'Regan of Grosse Isle, Sonnich Lydom of Gangspil

Maritime Skills

Family Stage

Dirty Blue Shirts — learn canvaswork, ropework, netting, knotting, knitting, chantey singing & the Dead Horse Ceremony!


Learn How!

with Eric McDonald of Cantrip

Lighten Up

Sheep Barn

with The Vox Hunters* & Flannery Brown, Geoff Kaufman, and Steve Gillette

Banjo in Song

Dutch Barn

with Anne Hills*, Evie Ladin, John Roberts, Sara Grey & Kieron Means


Street Corner

with Low Lily & Magpie,



Dirty Blue Shirts — how did sailors get free time on board ship and what did they do with it?

Sunday Afternoon Main Stage Concert

Main Stage

Lost & Found with Roger the Jester, Gangspil, The Vox Hunters with Flannery Brown, The Gawler Sisters with Bennett Konesni & Ethan Tischler, Geoff Kaufman, Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter, and Windborne