Clapping & Singing with the Kora with Jali Bakary Konteh

For children and parents, elementary school and beyond.  Clapping, swaying, and singing along with the Kora with Jali Bakary Konteh. Learn about the parts of the Kora too.   Forty-eight years ago, Alhaji Bai Konte brought the music of the kora (Mandinka harp) from Gambia to the U.S. This year, his grandsons (the word is […]


Dutch Barn

Heard is a collective of musicians who bring their skills and passion for world music, jazz, and improvisation together to create irresistible grooves set in a unique sonic tapestry. Together for a decade, their vibrant sound incorporates influences from West Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, and beyond. The core quintet: Jonathan Greene (woodwinds), Bobby Kendall (bass), […]

Roger the Jester

Roger the Jester keeps pretty mum on stage, but here are some words of his. “My work is constantly changing; every venue will elicit new material. Every performance is a debut, since my work is so improvisational…There are many events where I create something special just for that event… I recently was commissioned to perform at […]

Fam Jam!

Family Stage

with The Gaslight Tinkers

Sea Songs

Family Stage

with Deirdre & Sean Murtha

Greet The Day

Family Stage

with Magpie