Newfoundland with Matthew Byrne

Sheep Barn

With parents who were both singers and song collectors and a strong family focus on sharing songs, Matthew Byrne has inherited a unique repertoire as well as a fascination with unearthing and reimagining traditional songs. But Byrne is also a student of history whose love of traditional music goes well beyond the words and music. For […]

Appalachian Songs with Sam Gleaves & Deborah Payne

Sheep Barn

Singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Sam Gleaves is rooted in Appalachian sounds, while his original songs tell stories about love, the home place, working people, and current social issues in the mountains. His performances combine traditional Appalachian ballads, dance tunes, original songs, and the stories that surround the music. He’ll perform with Deborah Payne.

Songs of Inspiration and Joy with Reggie Harris

Sheep Barn

A songwriter of great depth and passion, Reggie Harris writes from a personal sense of mission that merges a world-wise point of view with a singularly hopeful stance that life, though often challenging, is filled with possibility and hope. His songs reveal thoughts about life and love and some of the deep aspects of the […]

Songs of Inspiration & Exasperation with Sally Rogers, Claudia Schmidt, Joe Jencks, & Reggie Harris

Dance Building

Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt have been weaving their voices, dulcimers, and guitars together for decades, creating an atmosphere of joy and musical lushness that audiences find irresistible. Their soaring harmonies (“blood harmony” was how one fan described it), their fascinating double dulcimer work, and their mix of six- and twelve-string guitars, blend with a […]

Tunes & Songs from the Lockwood Collection with John Kirk & Trish Miller

Sheep Barn

John Kirk & Trish Miller present fiery fiddle tunes, folksongs, and fancy footwork to audiences of all ages. John’s lyric voice, good sense of humor, and versatile instrumental skills—fiddle, mandolin, and several other instruments—have earned him widespread recognition in folk and traditional music circles. Trish is best known for her clogging, guitar, and banjo. Both of […]

Nest of Singing Birds: Ballads with Sheila Kay Adams, Melanie Rice Penland & Donna Rae Norton

Sheep Barn

Donna Ray Norton Melanie Rice Penland A seventh-generation ballad singer, storyteller, and claw-hammer banjo player, Sheila Kay Adams was born and raised in the Sodom Laurel community of Madison County, North Carolina, where she learned to sing from her great aunt and other notable singers. Her devotion to preserving and perpetuating her heritage is both […]

Stories from the Liars Club – Adirondack Tall Tales with Joseph & James Bruchac

Dutch Barn

For over forty years, Joe Bruchac has been creating literature and music that reflect his indigenous heritage and traditions. He is a proud Nulhegan Abenaki citizen and respected elder among his people. Although his American Indian heritage is only one part of an ethnic background that includes Slovak and English blood, those Native roots are the […]

French songs not from France and Songs from France not in French with Windborne

Sheep Barn

Windborne is a group of vocal chameleons who specialize in close harmony singing, shifting effortlessly between drastically different styles of traditional music within the same concert. Their musical knowledge spans many continents and cultures, but they remain deeply rooted in American folk-singing traditions. Lynn Mahoney Rowan, Will Thomas Rowan, Lauren Breunig, and Jeremy Carter-Gordon share […]

Mandinka Musical Culture with the Great Gambian Griots

Sheep Barn

Documentary style video on traditional Mandinka music and the cultural world of Mandinka traditional oral historian-musicians known as “griots.”  Including: Kora duets, wooden-keyed xylophone and 3-string bass kora, women’s bell, drumming discussion and demonstration, dancing, kora teaching, and traditional story-telling.   Forty-eight years ago, Alhaji Bai Konte brought the music of the kora (Mandinka harp) […]

What a way to go! Deadly Songs with Jeff Davis

Cattle Building

Some deaths in folk songs. Tally up the body count.   Jeff Davis One of America’s most respected collectors and interpreters of traditional music, Jeff Davis has traveled far to visit “source singers”--farmers and miners who remembered the old songs and tunes — and closer at hand to libraries and archives, always looking for the […]

Songs of the Adirondacks with Jamcrackers

Sheep Barn

Dan Berggren, Peggy Lynn, and Dan Duggan have combined talents to create Jamcrackers, named in honor of the river drivers who broke up log jams. Those drivers worked hard to find solutions, to get things rolling again, and they couldn’t do the job alone. These three feel the same way about their music. With guitars […]