Women in Song

Cattle Building

with Tret Fure*, Sara Grey & Kieron Means, Anita Best & Pamela Morgan,and Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter


1890 Building

with Anita Best* & Pamela Morgan, and Rum Ragged

Norma Waterson Tribute

Sheep Barn

with Heather Wood*, John Roberts, Anita Best & Pamela Morgan, Windborne, Forty Degrees South, Low Lily, Martin Carthy

Saturday Evening Main Stage Concert

Main Stage

Anita Best & Pamela Morgan, Bruce Molsky, Low Lily, Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman , Guy Davis, Rum Ragged, Jake Blount, Beppe Gambetta, and Cantrip

Mixed Tongues

Dutch Barn

with Beppe Gambetta*, Anita Best /Pamela Morgan, Armand Aromin

Sea & Shore Ballads

1890 Building

with Anita Best & Pamela Morgan, John Roberts, Chris Koldewey, and Geoff Kaufman